The word ‘strategy’ can be thrown around far too often in industry speak these days – often without much significance.

Strategy is central to our approach. It’s the step-by-step process of iterating objectives, planning, executing and measuring the outcome.

For long-term projects, we kick off with a comprehensive strategy piece – involving intensive workshops with stakeholders. Together we thrash out the key questions: What is the purpose of the project? What are the outcomes you want to achieve? How can success be measured? What are the risks, and how can we mitigate them? Then we create an extensive strategy document that forms the basis of the project execution.


Our approach is collaborative and adaptive. We want clients to be immersed in the project and creative process. Through activities like hands-on workshops, focus groups, user-journey mapping and user experience testing, we learn your business, and together uncover new customer insights. Our process includes our clients at key points from beginning to end. Our collaborative approach mitigates nasty surprises and results in a better end product.

Man and woman studying the wall intently

Strategy is central to our approach. It’s the step-by-step process of iterating objectives, planning, executing and measuring the outcome.

User-Centric Design.

As the digital industry’s leading user-centric design agency, we are guided relentlessly by your customer needs. We enable new user behaviours with intuitive, intelligent and engaging design solutions that drive growth for organisations.

Our user-centric methodology is highly empirical. It includes collaborating with you to identify your user types, mapping out their user journeys, and UX testing prototypes on real customers.

We want to get into the heads of your users and understand their needs. No stones are left unturned. We report our findings and refine our solution based on our research.

Agile Execution

Our tailored project management methodology is adapted from Agile. User stories help shift the focus from writing about requirements to focusing on meeting user and customer needs. We break projects into incremental tasks and milestones, and deploy projects in stages. Our methodology allows us to better manage risk, be in constant communication with clients, and be highly adaptive to change during the project lifecycle.


Our technical methodology is designed to give us a solid understanding of your business and enable us to respond with appropriate implementation. We take an analytical approach and provide detailed documentation based on technical scoping and research.

Bliss is a major advocate for open source technology. Our experienced development team has worked extensively on many different content management systems including SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco and Magento. We are highly adept at custom integration and use the best industry standards for testing, quality control, scalability and security.

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Our methodology allows us to better manage risk and be highly adaptive to change during the project lifecycle.

Marketing & Analytics

At Bliss, we see marketing as an integral piece of your digital strategy and integrate marketing strategies from day one. Working closely with our sister company, Bliss Search Agency which specialises in SEO, SEM and SMM, we ensure the solutions we build are optimised for market visibility and relevance across search engines and social media channels.

Bliss Search Agency can also implement cost-effective customer acquisition strategies and put in place analytical tools to ensure customer conversions are tracked and improved upon.

Our methodology is designed to understand the needs of users and what motivates their behaviour online.

Strategic Partnership and
Continuous Improvement

We build long-term relationships by continually adding value. We are a strategic partner that constantly helps to grow and evolve your digital business. Our collaboration goes beyond launch, we review and refine products and identify new opportunities to improve performance and achieve goals.

We aim to educate our clients on digital best practices. In late 2014, we conducted a workshop with Google on the latest advancements in analytics and online advertising for our clients.