World Class User Experiences.

Bliss is the leader for crafting world class digital experiences. We are a customer-centric design firm that focuses on making your customer's digital interactions and user journey's highly usable. elegant and intuitive. We've always put users first while focusing on simplicity. We do this through collaboration between our strategists, designers and technologists, who are always pushing the boundary of design innovation. However, ultimately it's the hands-on collaborative approach we have with our clients and their customers, that allows us to uncover insights and inform our design solution.

User Centred Journeys.

We practice a 'user- centred' design process that focuses on making the interface work intuitively for the end user. During the design process we will identify the key user types of the website. From here we will collaborate with clients to prototype the main user journeys and scenarios with interactive Wireframes.

User Research.

For service design and interactive design projects, we will always validate our design ideas with user testing and user research. For this we produce interactive wireframes and engage real end-users to interact in usability testing sessions we conduct in a controlled environment. Our design process is highly iterative, and we refine our designs based on user insights. This enables us to produce design concepts that are both innovative and intuitive.

Inclusive Design & Accessibility.

Bliss Media are highly pro cient at inclusive design and accessibility. Over the years we have worked on a number of government and large corporate websites where accessibility and inclusion was critical. This includes having to ensure website are WCAG 2.0 "AA" compliant. Accessibility testing is conducted by our STA , who will run standard checklists, and also use screen readers to ensure that the site is still usable for visually impaired users.


We consult on digital strategy and craft meaningful connections with your users across
web, social, mobile, search and ecommerce.