Do you want the best digital people?

Are you tired of getting the run around from recruiters?
Why not deal direct with our leading digital agency to help you source the right people? Unlike recruitment agencies, we understand your needs, because our people actually do the work and are proficient on the tools. Our team has a proven track record of delivering successful digital projects for some of the country’s most significant organisations. Put simply, our digital professionals and consultants are available immediately to integrate with your in-house team and hit the ground running. Our proven professionals can work on-site in your environment. So, why search? Why wait? And, why risk hiring unproven candidates on your critical digital projects?

Why use bliss?

Since 2002, Bliss Media has been at the forefront of digital production, digital technology, project management, ecommerce and online marketing. During this period our agency has attracted and retained some of the best local talent in Melbourne and Sydney. Today, we have an incomparable network of talented digital designers, developers, stategists, analysts, project managers and account managers, available to work for you. All our people are handpicked through our own rigorous processes, including technical interviews and testing.

Strategic planning and accountability

Beyond providing you with top talent, we can also help you with strategic planning around the structure of your digital team–who and what skillsets will you need to successfully run your digital business and projects? How can you maximise outcome with minimal cost?

Digital Consulting

We will consult with you to understand your resourcing needs, whether it’s an in-house ‘all-star’ team you are looking to assemble or a ‘superstar’ individual you urgently need to hire.

Digital Project Planning & Resourcing
In-House Digital Consulting
Permanent & Contract Recruitement
Developers & Technical Architects
Digital Creatives & UX Experts
Project Managers, Strategist & Online Marketeres


We are used to the fast pace world of digital and can work with your timeline to find the best local talent to fit your requirements.

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