The Line campaign is an initiative put together by Our Watch, an organisation established to change the culture, behaviours, and attitudes that lead to violence against women and children.

The purpose of The Line is to encourage healthy and respectful relationships by challenging and changing attitudes and behaviours that support violence among youth. Bliss Media designed and built the website, then conducted user testing on the site..

Appealing To The Audience

The key task and challenge in the creation of the site were that it looked and felt like it was aimed at the target audience. The youth audiences are digital natives who are extremely savvy and would be turned off by a site that did not cater to their needs.

The site is simple and stark – messages are presented simply and in a manner that is easy for this audience to digest. The branding is subtle and understated, with imagery playing a key role.

Social media integration and clearly defined areas for Parents and Teachers are also key features of the site.

Increasing Reach Through Social Media

Bliss Media was then further engaged to promote the site through Facebook and LinkedIn. The campaigns focused on a variation of increasing awareness through a high number of impressions, encouraging engagement with the posts directly and also to increase traffic through to the website. Content for the ads was based around the organisation’s high profile ambassador, Rosie batty


The campaign was launched in April 2015, and the site audience continues to grow as the site functions successfully as a resource for young people.