The Challenge

In 2016, Bliss Media was engaged by Telstra to revitalise the design of their WordPress blog, Telstra Exchange. Exchange is Telstra’s ideas hub designed to provide news, insights and opinions around the ways we use technology to connect. As the site’s audience is extremely savvy and at the forefront of digital in Australia, we needed to create a site that put Telstra at the cutting edge.

The Insights

The biggest challenge we faced in updating the site was ensuring we kept users on the site. The audience for Exchange is extremely digitally savvy and tech literate, online all the time, and used to getting information from multiple sources. For them to make engage part of their digital diet – something they consumed regularly, bookmarked, and spent time on beyond the breaking stories – was really the heart of this challenge.

We met this in multiple ways. Firstly, and obviously, the site need a seamless, logical information architecture, which got people what they needed quickly, but also gave users a clear idea of the sheer breadth of information available on the site. The design needed to be cutting edge – it is hard to credibly talk about what is going to happen in 2019 on a site that looks like it is form 2009. And we needed to ensure the information flow was smart – that users were being presented.