Bliss Media is Nintendo's primary creative digital agency. Since 2010 we have produced over 80 multi-channel digital campaigns for Nintendo including promotional websites, social media integrations, online competitions, and mobile sites. A number of these campaigns have included our most recognised and awarded work.

For Nintento it’s all about their users.

We commenced the redesign project asking the big strategic questions of Nintendo and defining the outcomes which were important to the brand. It was clear from the outset that Nintendo wanted to craft an online experience that is enjoyable for their users, as well as rewarding to long-term Nintendo fans.

As part of the process we conducted an extensive exploration of their different user-types, identifying their needs and what they wanted from the website.

The design challenges

Ease of use and accessibility were key considerations, especially in the mobile context.

The website is very content heavy and the new site needed to have a clear content strategy and visual hierarchy.

The new design needed to strongly represent Nintendo’s brand values of being fun, immersive and gratifying.

Reimagining the homepage for the fans.

We discovered that many Nintendo fans revisit the site daily for news and updates. Nintendo wanted the homepage to appeal to the needs of their most loyal users. As a result, we reimagined the homepage design to provide users with updates on news, products and promotions in a very dynamic and engaging manner. At the same time, more casual users of the site are able to find what they need to quickly through the intuitive navigation system.


Nintendo’s new official website was launched in late July 2016, highly lauded by all key stakeholders within Nintendo Australia. The end-design has been a truly collaborative effort with Nintendo and a very rewarding experience for our team. Early statistical analysis shows that the site has already succeeded the previous site design on user engagement across all the major key indicators, especially on mobile usage.