The Defence Science and Technology (DSTO) is part of Australia’s Department of Defence. DSTO is a national leader in safeguarding Australia by delivering valued scientific advice and innovative technology solutions for Defence and national security.

In 2013, Bliss helped develop an iPad application for DSTO. The iPad app enables the Department of Defence to publish one of its key publications in a highly interactive and engaging manner. The app is a collection of current and recent news stories, achievements and information about DSTO’s research activities in support of Defence and national security.

The Bliss team developed the application using the HTML5 mobile framework. We collaborated with SilverStripe Australia to integrate the application with their CMS for easy content updates.

User-centric Design

We focused on creating a very user-friendy interface where users are able to quickly and easily browse and read articles.

Originally built natively as an iPad application, key design and functionality elements were thoroughly tested based on the Apple Appstore environment requirements and specifications.

Following the successful launch of the iPad version, this application was replicated to be distributed on the Google PlayStore platform for Android native users.


The DSTO has been able to successfully use the app to diseminate news and keep content up-to-date themselves through the integrated SilverStripe CMS. The number of downloads of the application continues to grow today.


App downloads and growing.