Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) helps create a competitive and fair marketplace for businesses and consumers. Through a 2011 Australian consumer survey of youth (aged 16-24) CAV discovered that one in four respondents rated their understanding of their consumer rights as minimal or non-existent; 45% were not aware of what consumer rights they had after purchasing a product; and 21% did not know which organisation they could turn to for advice and guidance as to their rights.

CAV needed an online presence that spoke to young people about their rights as consumers. Bliss Media applied the data, our expertise with the youth audience and information from CAV stakeholders to devise the Party for Your Rights campaign.

Key Insights.


Without context CAV’s message may have been considered dry and unappealing to 16-24 year olds. If the message was not engaging, the key demographic would turn off. Our solution was to create a game around a theme that would instantly capture their attention, 'partying'.


If the design tried too hard – tried to be too cool – it would disengage the key demographic. So we created an ‘old school’ analogue style design, resembling a late 80s video game, combining extensive character animations with a good dose of humour.


The game enabled users to 'plan' a series of increasingly elaborate parties. Users encounter scenarios, which help them to understand their consumer rights. Social media integration allows users to share the results via social media, and compete with their friends to score the best. A leaderboard on the site encourages this further.


It was important for the target demographic that the campaign worked well on mobile. The game was developed utilising the latest in HTML5 for optimal user experience across desktop and mobile.

We created an online game, in which users have to 'plan' a series of increasingly elaborate parties. In the planning of these parties (by ticking items off a list), users encounter scenarios outlined by Consumer Affairs Victoria, which help them to understand their consumer rights.

Visually the game has an 'old school', analogue style, resembling a late 80s video game. We even created a midi sound track for it!

Greater learning and participation enables users to unlock different party scenes.

A scoring and leaderboard encourages users to compete and share with friends.

That combined with character animations and a touch of humour generated engagement and campaign take-up.

The game also meets WCAG 2.0 Level AA across all platforms to meet with Victorian Government Accessibility Standards.

Campaign Awareness.

In addition to developing the game, Bliss Media helped launch the campaign at Melbourne Central with characters and scenes from the game. The launch was a hit among many passing youth who stopped to give it a go. Bliss Media was also engaged to create display advertising and a distribution strategy to promote the online campaign across user-tested mediums such as YouTube.


The game was originally intended as a six-week campaign, however its success has kept it online over 18 months and ongoing enhancements are planned for 2016.


Competition entries exceeded client KPIs.


Successfully increased in awareness of consumer rights among youth who engaged in campaign.

Time Online.

Time online for game exceeded expectations.