Anyone can build a website. But a website that generates a healthy ROI, takes a business to the next level or successfully and continually meets objectives. That takes smarts.

Establishing a solid foundation through conducting a digital strategy ensures a more successful digital presence with much better longevity.

Lately, we’ve noticed a significant trend in the industry where more clients know they need to improve their web presence, but rather than just jump straight in and redevelop their website, they want to start with strategy. The who, what, why and how.

And we absolutely encourage this.

Most businesses or organisations have a fairly good idea of what their digital challenges are. Stats and/or sales have plateaued, the site no longer supports the brand, the business/organisation direction or focus has changed and their digital presence doesn’t reflect this, digital assets no longer support internal infrastructure & resourcing, social is a mess and the list goes on.

Getting it right in digital is increasingly becoming a crucial part of business or an organisation’s goals. Businesses are waking up to the huge opportunity that is online revenue. Australians spent a record $16.6 billion online in the year to January 2015, according to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index. We know people search for services, information or help online. For not-for-profits offering assistance to the Australian community, it is vital for them to ensure they can not only be found online, but can also provide their services or information as easily and efficiently as possible.

By collaborating with our clients, we put them (the experts at what they do), together with our digital experts to come up with a strategy that is tailored to their business/organization, their objectives, their future plans and most importantly their users. We analyse, test, review, audit, discuss and brainstorm.

And the outcome is a clear strategic direction, guidelines and recommendations that enable a business or organisation to confidently move forward, and importantly with a solution that not only works for now, but is scalable for the future.

With the right approach and the support of a comprehensive strategy, digital can absolutely become a hugely valuable asset rather than a burden. If your goals are to develop a solid digital foundation, reach (or surpass) goals, streamline operational efficiencies or alleviate resourcing requirements, starting with strategy is the wisest choice for setting your business or organization up for digital success.