When then Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull officially launched his department’s Digital Transformation Office in March 2015, his mandate was that government getting online is now a necessity not a choice. And nowhere else is this more impactful to the average citizen than at the local government level, where paper based systems and clunky local council websites have been a source of user frustration for far too long.

Since 2015 Bliss Media has been significantly involved in helping a number of local city councils streamline their services and enhance user experience through digital transformation and intelligent user focused design.

This has included unique projects for the Bayside City Council, Bendigo City Council, Port Phillip City Council and Wyndham City Council. Our work with these councils has involved reviewing their existing digital environments and helping them to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, focusing on how they can best deliver services and meet the needs of their residents.

The process is highly collaborative, and has included engagement with internal stakeholders and members of the community. We use an iterative, agile process which can be changed according to unique organisational requirements.

Through the success of our strategic and planning work, Bliss Media has been further engaged to redesign the new council website for the City of Bendigo. We look forward to this projects going live later in the year.