Magento is our recommended ecommerce solution because it is the most widely used and supported ecommerce platform in the world. The platform is agile and open source, which matches our in-house development model. But more importantly, for our clients, it provides a multi-tiered solution that can support growing businesses, as well as large multi-national enterprises.

Magento 2 Stable was released on Apr 11, 2017. The latest upgrade has been architected from the ground up and boasts a multitude of major improvements. This year our Magento developers and Magento solutions architects have been busy migrating current clients onto the latest version.

Here are our top five reasons why you need to upgrade to Magento 2:

1. Page Speed
Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 will run an average of 30%-50% faster. That’s huge. A faster site speed will lead to a better customer experience and more sales. It will also bolster your important Google Site Speed score and therefore, increase your website’s chances of ranking well.

2. Faster and Easier Customer Check-Out
The customer experience for Magento 2 has been streamlined to make it quicker and more intuitive to purchase. The design also has better responsiveness for mobile. Minimising steps, reducing checkout time and optimising for mobile users, will result in a major increase in online conversions and repeat customers for your business.

3. Performance and Scaleability
Magento 2 has been engineered and stress tested to handle a lot more traffic that Magento 1 — in fact, 5 times more. At checkout, Magento 2 Community Edition can handle 50,000 orders an hour, and Magento 2 Enterprise Edition can handle 90,000. This is good news because it will mitigate many of the performance issues that are caused by major traffic spikes typical of EDM blasts and sale periods.

4. Easier Backend Administration
Ecommerce managers and admin staff will appreciate that the backend interface is much more user-friendly and customisable. The admin panel has been redesigned for speed and increased productivity. It now features drag-and-drop editing, faster import capabilities, and easier forms for managing products, orders, and customer data.

5. No Support After 2018
Magento 1 will not be supported by Magento after 2018. So any investment that your business makes into the old platform will essentially be short-term in nature. There is no better time than right now to upgrade to the new Magento 2.

With the release of version 2, Magento has strengthened its position as the best choice for ecommerce, both now and into the future. We believe that investing to Magento 2 will lead to a major increase in your sales conversions and bottom-line.

Contact us today and talk to our team of certified Magento experts about how Magento 2 can help you achieve your goals.